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Earn vouchers by speaking your mind

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Top brands, employers and universities across the UK want to hear from the youth of the UK.

Become a part of the Fledglink Youth Panel to share your views and get rewarded with vouchers.

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What do i get?

You can earn as many vouchers as you like.

Each time you complete the bundles of activities below, we will send you your digital vouchers.

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Get £25 vouchers
per hour 

when joining our live-in-person* or online youth panel events. *Expenses covered.

Get a £25
voucher for 

every 5 selfie-style video projects recorded. All recorded from our capture app on your mobile.

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Get a £25
voucher for 

every 15 online surveys you complete. All quick-fire surveys you can answer on your mobile.


What vouchers
are up for grabs?

You get £25 of vouchers at a time.

Choose from these top brands to spend and enjoy yours.

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Influence the minds of top UK brands with live opportunities to connect directly with them..

Go from the classroom to the boardroom with live panel experiences, recorded videos and flash surveys.

Gain experience
and boost your CV

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Sound good?

If you are 14 to 19, all you need to do is complete registration and you are in. 

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How does it work?

It is easy to be a Fledglink Youth Panellist. We do all the hard work to connect you with opportunities in five simple steps..

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Complete registration and if you are 14 to 19 you are automatically accepted as a Panellist.


We match you to top opportunities based on your registration information.


We email you regularly with opportunities and you can choose which ones are for you. 


We keep track of your completed opportunities and let you know when its time to get your vouchers.


Once you have chosen your vouchers they are linked to your email, ready for you to enjoy.

About us

Fledglink is a brand owned by UK education charity Speakers for Schools and operated by SFS Media.